Kama Whatsis
7" x 5" pochoir print, edition of 5.
Where do they put the Noses
7" x 5" pochoir print, edition of 5.
The Chase
10" x 10" x 2", 2016 - mixed media on board.
Sometimes, revolution sounds like a
11" x 14", cut paper collage and acrylic
Roy-Among the Rose petals
16" x 12", sold from the It's the small Things show - February 2019.
Lautrec in Magadan
7" x 5" collage, 2017. Sold 8/18 in a Cloudcroft, NM gallery.
Turning Back at the Blacktop
2015. Sold 8/18. Collection of F. H., The Netherlands.
The Liberators meet Narim Sim
This is a piece in my socio-political style from 2005. The stele depicts a battle in what is now Iraq. The merging figures are my visual equivalent to the statement "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Collection of EC.
Bird of Paradise
2015. 5" x 5". Sold in High Rolls, NM - 4-'18.
Leapin' Lizards
2015. Sold 4/18, collection of E.A, Truth or Consequences, NM.
I Love the Ocean
7" x 5". Sold 4/18, collection of G.B., Truth or Consequences, NM.
another day at the circus
7" x 5". Sold 4/18. Collection of D. H., Truth or Consequences, NM.
Sky Trails
10" x 10" x 2". One of the earlier "Pick Up Stick" style of geometrics, this has a base composite from a 1962 issue of LOOK magazine.
it is red again
11" x 8.5". Collection of J.L., Las Cruces.
Kisses in the Dark
One of 10 little pieces done to celebrate "The Love of Art Month" 20th Anniversary.
Roses Among Violets
16" x 12", 2017. The second larger, painted adaptation of blocks with no textural overpainting.
Collection of MG, Las Cruces.
saguaro apocalypse
2012. Collection of Daniel Anton, El Paso Texas.
native hopes
2014. Collection of K. Shelden, Las Cruces.
Bug Ballet
(painted 2015) 7" x 5". Collection of J.L.
asphalt jungle stripes
Collection of J.D., Holland.
Carnivale 7-17
One of 2 images done for a commemorative book for artist June Decker.
Amid a Sea of Hooks
One of 2 images done for a commemorative book for artist June Decker. This is the first image that combined painting with collage techniques I began to use in October 2016.
Searching for Yang
16" x 12". Collection of KK.
7" x 5". Collection of PB.
Heaven for socks
7" x 5". Collection of PB.
Modern Love Walks on By
7" x 5". Collection of MF/AR, Las Cruces.
The Haunted Forest
Subtitled "I'd Turn Back if I were You". Sold from the Gallery at the Big Picture at the end of February, 2017. Collection of JI.
The Jackyl Laughs
8.5" x 11". The title comes from the combination of shapes from the bottom left portion of the collage. This was sold the day after I finished it. Collection of SM.
Quest for Milady's Favor
5" x 7". The title comes from the galloping horse head form. Collection of SM.
Hammer Time
#13 from the "Sixty" series. 5" x 7" - 2016. Collection of SDC.
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All work is original and © 2011- 2018 by Roy van der Aa.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA