Very happy to see me
8.5" x 11".
Ring the Bells
8.5 x 11" collage named after a song by "Rational Youth".
Druids and Dinosaurs
Heightened color combination. 8.5" x 11". collage
Right Angled Richard
8.5" x 11". collage
The Nicest of the Damned
From a song by "They Might be Giants. 5" x 7", collage.
Title came from a cold war vibe. 5" x 7", collage.
no wonder it crashed
from the saucer shape. 5" x 7", collage.
Night Bird
from the yellow shape. 5" x 7", collage.
Mario's Missed Landing
My wife had been gaming a lot. 5" x 7", collage.
5" x 7" collage.
incontrovertable truths are often ignored-fb
Great title by my wife, Robin. 5" x 7".
Bow to Love
22.5" x 17".
Scrat Cheats Death
22.5" x 17". "Scrat" is on his side on the right edge and the figure of death is the red clocked figure.
I Dream of Jeannie
22.5" x 17". Named after the red lamp shape and the blue 'genie' emerging from it.
Mourning Angels-Restless Ghosts
22.5" x 17". Done right after the U.S. 2016 election, so... it's dark.
Pteradactyl on the Runway
10" x 10" x 2". Almost a jazz-1960's Dave Brubeck album cover kind of a feel.
Longer than it's Wide
32" x 24" x 2".
Polly and the Vortex
16" x 12" x 2". done on a base of red monotypes at the suggestion of a friend.
King For a Day
10" x 10" x 2"
Batman's Alter Ego
10" x 10" x 2". Almost called " Batman IS the Joker.
That clown is too damn happy
10" x 10" x 2". Title comes from the general circus atmosphere and a blue smile dead center.
Apophis Attacks
10" x 10" x 2". Behold a small green snake with delusions of grandeur.
Going Down
10" x 10" x 2". stairs and imagery my wife can see of a more intimate nature.
Hummingbird Trumpets Neptune's Bride
32" x 24" x 2". The bride is clothed in the blue veil and pulled by a seahorse. All elements are identified after the piece is completed.
Avian Ritual
22.5" x 17" x 2". Finished end of June, 2016. Named after recurring bird motifs.
Dragon, Eagle and Snake
June. 22.5" x 17" x 2".
Making Fish Kisses 6-16
22.5" x 17" x 2"
Owls' Love Letter
16" x 12" x 2"
Kabuki Dancer
16" x 12" x 2"
Three Tequila, Floor
16" x 12"
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All work is original and © 2011- 2018 by Roy van der Aa.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA